Informatica Economica Vol. VIII No. 3/2004


Nominalizare pentru Premiul Grigore C. Moisil 5

TIC în afaceri

Enterprise Reengineering and Expert Systems. Challenges for Managers of 21 Century Organizations
Ioan I. ANDONE 7

Business Process Integration
Doina FOTACHE 16

Meta-Management for Network Virtual Organizations

Business Reports Based on XBRL
Marian STOICA 27

Enterprise Remodeling with Information Technology (1)
Liviu-Gabriel CRETU 31

Societatea informationala

Theory and Practice in Interactive Testing
Gabriel ZAMFIR 38

E-mail for Marketing Research (I)
Gabriela GROSSECK 45

Bucharest Students Behaviour Concerning Internet Use
Silvia Elena CRISTACHE, Dana SERBAN 52

Rural Development and ITC
Lorena BATAGAN 58

Baze de date si sisteme informatice

Outside and Inside of First Normal Form
Marin FOTACHE 62

Informatics Systems for Running Implementation Projects
Robert KOMARTIN 69

Inginerie software

Extreme Programming - a Challenge for Software Developers
Cornelia NOVAC 80

Classic Cryptography (Pre-computational)
Alin Titus PÎRCALAB 84

Data Quality Costs
Otilia PÎRLOG 88

The Development of Mobile Applications with Java
Paul POCATILU, Cristian TOMA 93

Reinforcement Learning in the Artificial Intelligence
Horia-Ioan TOMA 98

Using CORBA Technology on the Java Platform - JACORB
Marian CRISTESCU 103

Algoritmi si tehnologii

Crearea primului nivel de procesoare adaptabile utilizând formalismul E-T-M de interactiune translatorica a procesoarelor adaptabile
Dumitru TODOROI, Manfred KUDLEK, Zinaida TODOROI,
Toader JUCAN, Diana MICUSA 108

Parameter Estimation with a Hidden Markov Model (HMM)
Catalina-Lucia COCIANU 117

Quality Metrics for Information Systems
Ion IVAN, Doru CAZAN 123

Message Routing Mechanisms
Felician ALECU 129

Agent-Oriented Methodologies A Comparative Analysis
Ana-Ramona LUPU 133

HENKOS Encryption System (HKS)

Building and Deploying Internationalized and Localized Software
Cristian USCATU 145

Modelarea proceselor economice

Sustainable Development of the Romanian Energetic Sector in Conditions of Romania Integration in the European Union
Dumitru MARIN, Mioara BANCESCU 151

Prices Architecture

Signaling the Quality by Price and Publicity
Stelian STANCU 158


Asociatia INFOREC 161