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  • University of Amsterdam Business School, Amsterdam
  • Country: The Netherlands
  • E-mail: y[dot]songuva[at]gmail[dot]com

Yang SONG was born in Jilin, China on 9 February 1983. In 2005 she received her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology at Jilin University, China. In 2006 she started her Master’s of Business Management at the School of Economics, Jilin University, completing it in July 2008. In October 2008 she received a scholarship from the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) and entered the PhD program in entrepreneurship at Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam (UvABS). Yang Song successfully completed her PhD with a public defense on 30 November 2012 and was awarded the Doctor title from the University of Amsterdam. Dr Song has a lively interest in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Her research on entrepreneurship takes a network approach and is based on online social network data. In addition, she has a lively research interest in collecting and analyzing large amounts of network data. She is currently working on a number of projects, which involve analyzing entrepreneurs’ behaviors using social network data, design thinking and service design for innovation decision process and determinants for entrepreneurs to raise crowd funding.

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