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  • Country: Portugal
  • E-mail: phrpuga[at]gmail[dot]com

Pedro PUGA is a sociologist, graduated from ISCTE with a dissertation on "Recreations of Past in the Present: Medieval Fair”, investigating the areas of Arts, Culture, Social Memory and Simulacra. He has already participated in research projects on Youth and Solitude (ICS), Politics/Corruption (CIES-ISCTE), Young People in Portugal, and Health and ICT (CIES-ISCTE). He is a member of COST Action 298: Participation in the Broadband Society! and Cost 605 Econ@Tel - A Telecommunications Economics COST Network. He worked as a researcher for OberCom (Observatory for the Media) from 2007 to 2009. He is now working as a Media Researcher for ERC (Portuguese Media Regulatory Entity).

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